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DieQua’s Manufacturing Partners

DieQua Corporation is the North American business development partner for a variety of European and Taiwanese power transmission and motion control drive component manufacturers. DieQua provides all the marketing, sales, engineering support, assembly and service in this market. In conjunction with each of our manufacturers’ global network of other sales partners and technical centers, you can be assured the highest level of customer support for all our products anywhere in the world.

Tandler is a 60+ year old company specializing in the manufacturing of precision spiral bevel gearboxes, shaft phasing gearboxes for registration and speed control, planetary gearheads for servo motors, and custom gearing. They are world renown as the premier supplier of components in these catagories.

Girard is a 50+ year old company specializing in the manufacturing of high quality worm gears. Their most recent focus is on the precision positioning and servo control market. They offer the most diverse program of servo worm gearheads with 3 levels of backlash to below 1 arc minute.

Sesame is a 25+ year old company specializing in the design and manufacture of planetary servo gearheads and fractional HP inline helical speed reducers and gear motors. The planetary program offers multiple quality and precision levels, in both inline and right angle configurations, to satisfy a wide range of motion control performance requirements from the most basic to the highly dynamic.

Spinea is a 20 year old company involved in the development, research, manufacturing and sale of high precision reduction gears for the robot, machine tool, communication and defense industries. Featuring a unique zero backlash cycloidal motion design, they provide the highest torque density and rigidity of any drive of this type available.

WATT Drive is a 35+ year old company specializing in the manufacturing of high quality helical speed reducers and gearmotors, EUSAS motors capable of being connected to any volts/Hz combination power source, and inverters for motor control. WATT Drive is the innovator of the modular design concept which resulted in the ability to offer the widest range of options in the most cost effective manner.

Varvel is a 55+ year old company specializing in light duty industrial worm, inline helical, and helical bevel speed reducers and gearboxes, They also continue to supply mechanical speed variators, which was their original primary product. A modular design concept manufactured in a highly automated factory assures exceptional quality, high reliability, and cost effective value.

Zimm is a 40+ year old company specializing in the manufacturing and design of screw jack actuators and complete lifting systems. Their “building block” design philosophy provides the widest range of component options providing the capability to create the most unique and efficient lifting and positioning systems.

Planetroll is a 30+ year old company focused on the development and manufacturing of specialized variable speed mechanical drives and economical planetary servo gearheads. Their variable speed drives are explosion-proof and provide full torque over the complete speed range. Their wide range of servo gearheads offers high reliability at a cost effective price.

R+W is a 20+ year old company specializing in the manufacturing of bellow style shaft couplings and torque limiters. They have the widest range of sizes and connection options of any other bellow coupling manufacturer and are the world leader in developing custom coupling solutions.