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Standard Repairs or Emergency Service

While spare parts are available for many of our products, the precision assembly required is recommended to be done by trained personnel. DieQua Corporation offers complete repair services for most of the products we offer.

In the unlikely event a repair or failure analysis is required, we suggest you send the product back to us. We will evaluate the product, free of charge, and advise you of costs prior to any further action. While standard repairs may take a few weeks, emergency services are always available.

Before returning any products, we request that you call your Sales Support Representative to discuss the problem and receive an RMA number. Documentation will be created and your return will be processed promptly upon receipt.

Sales Support Contact Number: 630-980-1133

All products should be packed securely with connecting components removed. Freight should be prepaid and the RMA number prominently displayed. A representative will call you, after evaluation is complete, to discuss the proper course of action.