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DieQua at IMTS

From September 10 to 15, DieQua will be attending the IMTS show in Chicago. DieQua will be exhibiting with Spinea and Sesame Motor Corporation in booth 134644.

Sesame Featured Products

  • Rotary flange

  • Right Angle Gearheads

  • Precision Gearheads

  • Economy Gearheads

Spinea Featured Products

  • Compact cylindrical housing

  • Hollow Bore cycloidal style

  • World’s Smallest Unit

  • Flange Style

Sesame is a 25+ year old company specializing in the design and manufacture of planetary servo gearheads and fractional HP inline helical speed reducers and gear motors. The planetary program offers multiple quality and precision levels, in both inline and right angle configurations, to satisfy a wide range of motion control performance requirements from the most basic to the highly dynamic.

Spinea is a 20 year old company involved in the development, research, manufacturing and sale of high precision reduction gears for the robot, machine tool, communication and defense industries. Featuring a unique zero backlash cycloidal motion design, they provide the highest torque density and rigidity of any drive of this type available. Spinea offers cycloidal units and actuators.

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