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DieQua Technical Institute – December 2017

To further enlighten and educate our distributors on the vast array of potential solutions, DieQua established the DieQua Technical Institute, or DTI. DTI is a two-day training class covering the analytical process of identifying the characteristics of a power transmission or motion control application and selecting the proper gear product to satisfy the requirements. It is held 2-3 times per year, primarily for our distribution partners, but also for our OEM customer design engineers. The DTI starts with a brief introduction followed by a tour of the facility, showing off how motion control and power transmission products are handled.


In 2017, DieQua Corporation had two – in May and in December. These sessions were effective for teaching product support and understanding the nuances between each type of product, distinguishing from motion control and power transmission categories.

Understanding the advantages of each while knowing how and where to apply them requires a level of education and experience. For DieQua’s high tech distributors, this is an ongoing process. Virtually all of our motion control products distributors have years of experience in providing automation solutions. Many, however, are looking to provide more customized mechatronic solutions, adding mechanical components to the systems beyond the default planetary gearbox that so many sizing software programs spit out.

That is one of the reasons they gravitate towards working with us. We think like them, that the result is not formulaic. Every application has a unique solution. Getting them to think like us is a little more of a challenge.

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