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DieQua Technical Institute – July 2018

Between July 10 and July 12, DieQua hosted a 2nd DieQua Technical Institute of 2018. These sessions – known as DTI for short – are held two to three times a year. Attendees have the opportunity to learn about products and ask questions.

Every year, DieQua seeks to enlighten and educate distributors on the vast array of potential solutions. DTI is a two-day training class covering the analytical process of identifying the characteristics of a power transmission or motion control application and selecting the proper gear product to satisfy the requirements.

The DTI is held primarily for our distribution partners, as well as our OEM customer design engineers. The DTI starts with a brief introduction followed by a tour of the facility, showing off how motion control and power transmission products are handled. These sessions were effective for teaching product support and understanding the nuances between each type of product, distinguishing from motion control and power transmission categories. DieQua Technical Institute serves as a resource for the ongoing challenge of understanding advantages of product, as well as understanding how each work and the custom solutions that are available.

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