Know When to Fold ‘Em

Servo systems aren’t the only solution for precision motion control applications. Other gear products can fit the bill when more traditional drive technology is desired. We recently had a customer inquire into a solution for a motion control problem he [...]

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Outside The Box

Have you ever had a special application where the standard gearbox catalog specs just didn’t fulfill the need? Perhaps you had to run too fast or had too much torque, or just not enough space for either? Catalog data is [...]

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DieQua Does Webinars!

DieQua now offers webinars! Learn about best practices, get advice or learn about company's offerings of products! 4 Gearing Technologies in Linear Applications & When To Use Them Thursday, May 10, 2018 - 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time [...]

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Turning the Tables

There are many process and manufacturing operations that consist of multiple steps. In many cases the process is linear like a progressive punch press or an auto assembly line. But just as often it’s circular, like a bottle filling line [...]

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How to Mix

Mixing and agitating applications can provide some of the most demanding requirements for gearboxes. Not only can speeds and loads vary dramatically, but environmental conditions can be difficult as well. High quality components, robust designs, and protection options are often [...]

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Most Used Engineering Terms

DieQua Corporation provides resources for engineers - whether catalogs, product videos or industry-related news and updates. Take a look at our list of commonly used engineering terms to see what other engineers are using and referring to.   Acceleration - [...]

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Hybrids Drive Commuters

With energy efficiency a hot topic, designing hybrid power plants for vehicles is growing in popularity and cost effectiveness. But the gearing necessary requires special consideration. We had a customer recently request a right angle spiral bevel gear design that [...]

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DieQua Exhibits at ATX West in Anaheim

DieQua Corporation co-exhibited with Pacific Technical Products at ATX-West February 6 – 8 in Anaheim California. The ATX-West exposition features more than 2000 cutting-edge manufacturers the attracted over 20,000 attendees looking for the latest in motion control, robotics, [...]

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