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CAD drawings are available for all products offered. Please select from the product families below. Many CAD drawing files are available for immediate download. Others are only available by request. If you would like to fill out an online form and have a CAD drawing emailed to you, please select the "Request" button.

Helical Gearmotors and Speed Reducers

Varvel Speed Reducers
Series RT - Aluminum Body Worm

WATT Drive MAS2000

Series H - Inline Helical
Series S - Helical Worm
Series K/C - Helical Bevel
Series A/F - Parallel Shaft
Series W - Motors & Controls

Servo Gearheads and Speed Reducers

ServoFoxx Precision Servo Gearheads

Series PL2FS - Inline
Series FS2 - Single Stage Right Angle
Series SKP2FS - Dual Stage Right Angle
Series PSK2FS - Dual Stage Right Angle
Precision Hypoid Servo Gearboxes

Sesame Planetary Servo Gearheads

Inline, Right Angle, and Rotary Flange Series
coming soon

Dynabox Worm Servo Gearheads

Expert, Medium, Basic
Series XL - Expert, Medium

Planetdrive Economy Servo Gearheads

PD - Inline

High Torque Servo Gearheads

WATT Drive Servo Gearheads

High Precision Reduction Gears

Spinea - Series T
Spinea - Series E
Spinea - Series H
Spinea - Series M

Spiral Bevel Gearboxes

Spiral Bevel - All Models

STD - Standard Design
HW - Hollow Shaft
S/AS - Switching and Reversing
EA/ZA - Auxiliary Shafts
WV - Reinforced Shaft

Shaft Phasing Gearboxes

Shaft Phasing - All Models

PE2 - Inline 3:1
PD2 - Inline 1:1
SP2 - Right Angle
KD - Inline Differential

Mechanical Variable Speed Drives

Elastohydrodynamic Variable Speed Drive

Planetroll Plaromaster

Zero Backlash Flexible Shaft Couplings

With Standard Bellows - Series BK

BKC - Economy Class Compact Coupling with Clamping Hub
BKH - Bellows Coupling with Split Hub
BKL - Economy Class Coupling with Clamping Hub
BK1 - Bellows Coupling with Flange Mount
BK2 - Bellows Coupling with Clamping Hub
BK3 - Bellows Coupling with Tapered Conical Sleeve
BK4 - Bellows Coupling for Fanuc Drives
BK5 - Bellows Coupling with tapered Press-Fit Connection
BK6 - Bellows Coupling with Conical Sleeve and Tapered Press-Fit Connection
BK7 - Bellows Coupling with Expanding Shaft
BK8 - Compact Version with Flange and Clamping Hub for Robot Gears

With Miniature Bellows - Series MK/FK/Ecoflex

MK1 - Coupling with Radial Set Screws
MK2 - Coupling with Clamping Hub
MK3 - Coupling with Expanding Shaft
MK4 - Coupling with Radial Set Screws and Press-Fit Connection
MK5 - Coupling with Clamping Hub and Press-Fit Connection
MK6 - Coupling with Clamping Hub, Expanding Shaft, and Press-Fit Connection
BKL003 - Economy Class Coupling with Clamping Hub


FK1 - Microflex Elastomer Coupling


With Elastomer Inserts - Series EK/TX

EKH - Coupling with Split Clamping Hub
EKL - Compact Coupling with Clamping Hub
EK1 - Coupling with Keyway Connection
EK2 - Coupling with Clamping Hub
EK4 - Coupling for Conical Shaft Ends
EK6 - Coupling with Conical Clamping Ring
EK7 - Coupling with Expanding Shaft
TX1 - Plastic Jaw Coupling with Keyway Connection

Torque Limiters & Safety Couplings

With Bellows Couplings & Hubs - Series SK

SK1 - Torque Limiter with Conical Clamp or Clamping Hub
SKP - Torque Limiter with Keyway Connection
SK2 - Torque Limiter with Clamping Hub for Direct Drives
SK3 - Torque Limiter with Conical Clamp for Direct Drives
SK5 - Torque Limiter with Clamping Hub Press-Fit Connection

With Elastomer Inserts - Series ES

ES2 - Elastomer Insert Jaw Torque Limiter with Clamping Hub Press-Fit Connection for Direct Drives
ESL - Economy Class Elastomer Insert Jaw Coupling with Clamping Hub Press-Fit Connection

Line Shafts

With Bellows Inserts - Series ZA

ZA 10-800
ZA 1500-10000
ZAE - Line Shaft with Split Clamping Hub

With Elastomer Inserts - Series EZ

EZ2 - Line Shaft with Split Clamping Hub
EZV - Line Shaft with Variable Length and Split Clamping Hub

Screw Jack Systems

Screw Jack Lifting & Positioning Systems

All Models & All Components


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