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Catalogs & Product Overview Downloads

Paper catalogs are great for jotting notes in the margins, but they take up a lot of space. For quick reference and portability, pdfs are the way to go. DieQua now has their entire catalog library of gearboxes, speed reducers, and gear motors on a single flash drive.

To get your own DieQua USB flash drive, just fill out the registration form and we’ll get one on the way to you. If you have any questions on how to use it, give us a call. Although it’s an easy to use tool, we’ll be happy to help you navigate through the information included.

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DieQua Product Overviews

DieQua LinecardPDF – 418KB
Servo Gearhead OverviewPDF – 430KB
Helical Gearmotor OverviewPDF – 844KB
Screw Jack OverviewPDF – 1.9MB

Precision & Economy Servo Gearheads

Servo Gearhead OverviewPDF – 430KB
Planetary Servo GearheadsDownload Now
Precision Servo ReducersDownload Now
Precision & Heavy Duty Servo Worm GearheadsDownload Now
High Torque Servo ReducersDownload Now
Economy Servo WormDownload Now
Hypoid Servo GearboxesDownload Now
Precision Cycloidal ReducersDownload Now
Cycloidal Rotary ActuatorsDownload Now

Speed Reducers & Gearmotors

Helical Gearmotor OverviewPDF – 844KB
Double Power Double SpeedPDF – 824KB
Gearmotors – 2015Download Now
Metric – Inline HelicalDownload Now
Metric – Parallel ShaftDownload Now
Metric – Helical WormDownload Now
Metric – Helical BevelDownload Now
Metric – Agitator DrivesDownload Now
Metric – EUSAS MotorsDownload Now
Inch – Inline HelicalDownload Now
Inch – Parallel ShaftDownload Now
Inch – Helical WormDownload Now
Inch – Helical WormDownload Now
Aluminum WormDownload Now
Aluminum InlineDownload Now

Spiral Bevel & Specialty Gearboxes

Spiral Bevel GearboxesDownload Now
Speed Correction DrivesDownload Now
Variable Speed DrivesDownload Now

Screw Jack Systems

Screw Jack OverviewPDF – 1.9MB
Screw Jacks – Series ZDownload Now
Screw Jacks – Series MSZDownload Now