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Engineering Support

DieQua Corporation doesn't just sell products, we offer engineering solutions. While this is very often an over used phrase, the feedback we get from our customers is that we provide true value through appropriate product selection assistance and advice on the proper integration of the component. It's not unusual for us to ask more questions than the customer has immediate answers. It's through this application analysis that we can be most helpful.

With perhaps the widest variety of gear products available from a single source, we are able to offer the optimal design and configuration for your application. This could include several different gear types within a single machine, satisfying multiple drive requirements.

Modifications of standards, or complete special designs, is another unique benefit of working with DieQua. With a vast selection of modular components and valued added machining capabilities, we are able to offer customized solutions that are not available from other sources. These options are intended to enhance a machine's design and performance.

We also offer either 2D or 3D drawings and models for virtually all of the products we have available. This allows easy integration of the component into the system design. Files can be provided for most of the popular CAD programs.

So, if engineering support is desired just contact your Product Support Specialist. He will assemble the appropriate product managers, engineers, and production personnel necessary to arrive at the optimal solution for your specific needs.


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