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DieQua National Headquarters Turns 25 Years Old

By: Chris Popp

When visitors first come to DieQua Corporation often their first comments are how clean, organized, and fresh everything looks. That’s not only the open office environment but more specifically the factory, assembly and warehouse areas. When told the building will turn 25 years old in February 2017 they usually express surprise and seem duly impressed.

DieQua Corporate Headquarters - February 2017

While a nice looking place in itself doesn’t guaranty anything regarding quality or capabilities, it does represent the philosophy of you are how you present yourself. Even though the vast majority of our customers never see what goes on behind the scenes, the attention to detail and presentation permeates all who work within the confines. It generates the attitude and pride that customers do get a sense of when using our products and working with our people.

That philosophy is set by co-owners Norm and Mike Quaas, sons of founder Dietmar Quaas, and executed by Plant Manager Don Corcoran and his staff of dedicated shop personnel. But this article is about the building that was conceived of, co-designed, and built by our aforementioned founder.

After 4 years into a 5 year rental contract, DieQua’s 4000 square foot facility was bursting at the seams. A second division focused on rebuilding and selling used metal packaging equipment was acquiring inventory and adding technicians, which filled every corner of the shop. The office staff was also growing with desks placed side by side to make room for them. Busy was good so an investment decision was made.

A lot was purchased in a new industrial park in Bloomingdale, Illinois and an architect was hired to begin designing a 40,000 square foot building. It was originally planned as 2 twin 20,000 square foot spaces, one side to be leased. But that never ended up happening as the entire space was soon taken up.

The ground breaking ceremony took place in mid 1991 with much fanfare. Designers, contractors and local dignitaries all took part. Actually digging and construction took place shortly after.

Founder Dietmar Quaas in front with grey suit. Norm Quaas and Chris Popp in center background.

Approximately 15% of the footprint was designated for two stories of offices. The rest of the space was reserved for production, inventory, a paint booth, locker rooms and four dock bays. Overhead cranes were installed on one side for moving machinery around the facility. The interior was finished over the winter months in time for the February 1992 move in.

Much has changed over the last 25 years. The machinery rebuilding business was closed in late 1998 after the untimely passing of the senior Mr. Quaas. That made room for the assembly and warehousing of the growing power transmission and motion control gearbox business that is the mainstay of Diequa’s focus to this day.

Even after 25 years the building still looks great. With an office redesign in 2012 and periodic shop reorganization to add CNC equipment, an expanded machine shop, and additional assembly lines for new products, it’s a highly functional and efficient space to provide the quality products and services for which DieQua has come to be known.

Come by to visit us sometime.



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