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DieQua Exhibits at Automate 2017 with Full Range of Servo Gear Technologies

By: Chris Popp

DieQua doesn’t do many shows. However, with the Automate series being the largest collection of automation components and systems, it’s one exhibition that can’t be missed. While the attendee list to the April 3-6 Chicago event of just under 20,000 is small in comparison to other industrial events, its targeted audience is laser focused towards DieQua’s products and services.

DieQua provides the widest range of servo gearhead models and configurations along with the experience and expertise to select the best technology for our customer’s applications. This covers the total gamut, from the simplest motion profiles to the most dynamic and all in between. Whether for high precision or general purpose needs we have the right gearbox for the job.

A new booth design was unveiled to present this expansive offering and a brief post show video was produced and sent to our visitors to remind them what they saw.

The booth layout was broken down into 3 distinct sections. A major kiosk was dedicated to highlight the Spinea high precision cycloidal units. These designs are ideal for extremely precise rotary positioning. Typically used in robotic joints and machine tool applications, they are also appropriate for any application where zero backlash, high torsion rigidity and high tilting moments are required.

A particular advantage of the Twin Spin design is the ability to offer the technology in a smaller package than any other cycloidal manufacturer. This allows direct competition to harmonic strain wave gearboxes. With up to three times the torque capacity and higher rigidity in the same envelope, DieQua’s Mini Series provides superior performance over these flex spline designs.

Another major kiosk focused on the extensive lineup of Sesame planetary and planetary bevel gearheads. With three levels of precision offered in the different industry standard dimensions, this series is poised to compete on both price and performance with all the existing manufacturers presently in the market.

Designs include inline and right angle configurations with either standard output shafts or rotary flanges. Sizes range from 50 mm to 220 mm in diameter to satisfy the vast majority of torque capacities required.

A third section located along the backwall of the exhibit highlighted a variety of other gear technologies ideal for specific application parameters. These included precision worm designs with backlash as low as 1 arc minute, economy worms for the lowest cost solution for the simplest motion profiles, spiral bevel gearheads in ratios from 1:1 to 5:1 and precision hypoid gearheads for highly dynamic applications requiring ratios from 5:1 to 15:1.

Also presented was our high torque helical series in right angle, parallel shaft and inline configurations. These are extremely cost competitive solutions for controlling heavier loads with torque capacity from 100 Nm up to 14,000 Nm. Ratios available are virtually infinite with from two to five reduction stages available in each of the configurations.

The exhibition’s attendance grew significantly from the previous edition in 2015. Even more important, the number of relevant visitors to our booth, and the applications they brought with them, elicited interesting conversations and the necessity to develop immediate actions plans to provide appropriate solutions.

If you didn’t have a chance to visit Automate 2017 but use gearheads in your servo motor controlled automated machinery, you can review our range of available technologies. Better yet, give us a call to discuss your application. It’s through jointly identifying your unique needs that we can be most helpful.



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