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DieQua Attends and Exhibits at the Spring 2017 AHTD Meeting

By: Chris Popp

The Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort in Bonita Springs Florida was the site of the Spring 2017 meeting of the Association of High Technology Distribution (AHTD). Held this month from May 3-6, DieQua’s Chris Popp and Tom Kahn joined 283 other members at the event.

The AHTD is a trade association of distributors of high technology components and systems, automation solution providers, and the manufacturers that supply the products and services that are used within the automation and motion control industry. For over 30 years the association has worked to increase the productivity, profitability, and market share of their members through a wide variety of programs and services.

Among other resources, the AHTD holds two major meetings a year, located in different geographic regions. The purpose of the meetings is to provide networking opportunities, education in operational best practices, and introductions to new technologies. This meeting satisfied these areas in abundance.

DieQua finds much value in this association, not only because many of our distributors are members, because the educational seminars are interesting and informative for learning best practices, management and motivation techniques, and professional development.

A key element of the semi-annual meeting is the Product Showcase. This is a mini trade show for the benefit of the attending distributors. It allows them to see the latest automation product developments and provides a forum for them to have an in depth discussion to determine if these products should be added to their mix.

Of course, this is also an efficient event for the manufacturers members as the highly targeted audience is perfect for those looking to add new distribution sales channels.

DieQua presented their complete line of servo gearhead products, the widest range of different gear technologies available from a single source. These included planetary, bevel, hypoid, helical, spur, worm, cycloidal, and various combinations of each.

Why so many different technologies? It’s because each offers a unique benefit for specific applications to optimize performance, cost, or configuration. DieQua’s experience and expertise in helping select the appropriate solution is what our distributors and OEM customers most value in their relationship with us.

If you are interested in what goes on at an AHTD meeting you can see a complete review of events (PDF 570KB), speakers, and topic discussed. Chris Popp writes the meeting recap article for the AHTD member newsletter.



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