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Series ZA - Zero Backlash Intermediate Spacers & Line Shafts

R+W spacer couplings and lineshafts provide zero backlash torque transmissions over long spans, without the need for intermediate support.

Features & Benefits:
  • 4 Models: Provides a variety of connection options to maximize performance and design versatility.
  • Customized Lengths: Provides the specific span necessary for each individual application.
  • Zero Backlash: Provides exact position for precise rotary motion.
  • Low Inertia: Torque tube design reduces weight for faster acceleration with less torque.
  • Misalignment Compensation: Allows for angular, axial, and parallel misalignment between the connected shafts.
  • Torsional Rigidity Control: Alternate flexible elements and torque tube materials increase or decrease torsional rigidity as required.
  • Maintenance Free: No moving parts means virtually unlimited life with proper mounting.
  • Non-Standard Applications: Customized designs with dimension variances, different tolerances, or alternate materials are available upon request.
Product Line Overview: Models ZA - ZAE - EZ2 - EZV

Model ZA - Line Shaft with Clamping Hub or Conical Sleeves
(10 sizes with rated torque from 5-4000 Nm)

Design Description: A three piece design with two compressible hubs and a drop in center tube section. Flexible elements are stainless steel bellows, with internal supports for tube weight support. Shaft connection is by a single screw clamp, up to size 800 and by conical clamping element on sizes 1500 and 4000. Lengths are custom produced.

Bore Diameters: Metric or inch bores from 5-100 mm, or 0.25-3.875 inches. Keyways are optional for sizes 10-800. They are not available on larger sizes.

Temperature Range: From as low as -30° C to as high as +120° C (3.6° F to 270° F). High temperature options available.

Sizes: ZA-10, ZA-30, ZA-60, ZA-150, ZA-200, ZA-300, ZA-500, ZA-800, ZA-1500, ZA-4000

Application Example:

Model ZAE - Line Shaft with Split Clamping Hub
(7 sizes with rated torque from 5-800 Nm)

Design Description: A torsionally rigid economical design consisting of integral stainless steel bellow ends attached to the torque tube. A removable hub half allows for easy mounting. Two tightening bolts connect the hub halves for a compression fit. Lengths are custom manufactured.

Bore Diameters: Metric or inch bores from 5-72 mm, or 0.25-2.75 inches. Optional keyways available upon request.

Temperature Range: From as low as -30° C to as high as +120° C (3.6° F to 270° F). High temperature options available.

Sizes: ZAE-10, ZAE-30, ZAE-60, ZAE-150, ZAE-300, ZAE-500, ZAE-800

Application Example:

Model EZ2 - Elastomer Insert Line Shaft with Split Clamping Hub
(7 sizes with rated torque from 5-1100 Nm)

Design Description: Our most cost effective model! The flexible elements are zero backlash elastomer jaw style couplings, with a variety of insert materials, that are integrated with the torque tube. Split half hubs connect to shafts with two screws. Lengths are custom manufactured.

Bore Diameters: Metric or inch bores from 5-80 mm, or 0.25-3 inches. Keyways are available upon request.

Temperature Range: See insert specification chart below.

Sizes: EZ2-10, EZ2-20, EZ2-60, EZ2-150, EZ2-300, EZ2-450, EZ2-800

Application Example:

Model EZV - Elastomer Insert Line Shaft with Variable Length and Split Clamping Hub
(6 sizes with rated torque from 5-660 Nm)

Design Description: A unique, expandable, lineshaft for easy mounting. The "tube within a tube" concept allows for variable lineshaft lengths that can be altered as needed. The flexible elements are elastomer jaw style couplings with a split hub style tightened to a shaft using two bolts.

Bore Diameters: Metric or inch bores from 5-60 mm, or 0.25-2.25 inches.

Temperature Range: See insert specification chart below.

Sizes: EZV-10, EZV-20, EZV-60, EZV-150, EZV-300, EZV-450

Application Example:

Coupling Insert Options, Temperature Ranges, and Stiffness Ratings:

The elastomer inserts are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), in a variety of shore values. To provide different stiffness and vibration damping characteristics, optional Hytrel® material can be offered for higher temperature applications.

The inserts are pre-stressed during assembly which provides zero backlash, more consistant load sharing, and improved restoring forces for precise positioning and repeatability.

Type A
Type B
High Stiffness
Type C
Low Stiffness
Type D
Electrically Conductive
98 Sh A
0.4 - 0.5
-30° C to +100° C
High Damping
64 Sh D
0.3 - 0.45
-30° C to +120° C
High Torsional Stiffness
80 Sh A
0.3 - 0.4
-30° C to +100° C
Very High Damping
92 Sh A
0.3 - 0.45
-10° C to +70° C
Electrically Conductive*

* Due to the electrically conductive properties of the insert, electrostatically charging of the coupling is prevented. This eliminates sparks during normal operation in explosive areas. Technical data is available upon request.

The values of the relative damping were determined at 10 Hz and 20˚C.

Compensates for Misalignment:

The elastomer insert jaw coupling can compensate for axial, lateral (parallel), and angular misalignment. This aids in assembly and reduces load stress on drive bearings. It is important to consider the maximum values highlighted in the catalog to avoid premature wear of the elastomer element.

Lateral Misalignment
Angular Misalignment
Axial Misalignment

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