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Tandler – SKP2FS High Dynamic Bevel Planetary Servo Gearheads

The Tandler SKP2FS right angle bevel planetary servo gearhead offers the ultimate in precision motion control. With ground, matched-set gears, lapped spiral bevel gears, and a revolutionary motor connection, maximum performance is assured. Series SKP2FS has higher torque capacity than a similar size series PSK2FS, but may have speed limitations.

  • Low Backlash: Two levels of backlash optimize and enhance positioning accuracy
  • Revolutionary Motor Mount: A flexible motor connection eliminates misalignment and gear deflection
  • Corrosion Resistance Option: QPQ Nitriding process provides protection against high moisture environments
  • Cast Iron Housing: Provides superior torsional rigidity over aluminum housings
  • More Ratios: The widest range of ratios available
  • Maximum Output Flexibility: Hollow shaft, shrink disk, switching, or up to five output shafts
  • 8 standard ratios, many additional ratios available
  • 4 sizes
  • Nominal torque capacity up to 900 Nm
  • Peak torque up to 1600 Nm

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