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Tandler – Hypoid Servo Gearbox

The new Tandler® Hypoid Gearbox from DieQua offers the ultimate in performance and load connection versatility for high cycle servo driven applications. As a logical extension to our precision spiral bevel program, additional single stage ratios are now available from 5:1 up to 15:1.

  • Low Backlash: 2 levels of backlash optimize and enhance positioning accuracy and repeatability
  • Flexible Motor Mount: A unique integral bellow coupling design compensates for misalignment, increasing performance
  • Single Stage Ratios: Ratios from 5:1 to 15:1, depending on size, provide compact torque multiplication in a common size
  • Output Shaft Versatility: Six output shaft configurations offer a wide variety of connection options for design versatility
  • Accomodates All Servos: A modular flange and coupling system allows the integration of virtually all motors in the torque range
  • Maintenance Free: Gearboxes are pre-filled with synthetic oil and are typically lubricated for life
  • 8 frame sizes with rated torque from 36-859 Nm

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