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Sesame - Planetary Servo Gearheads

The Sesame series of servo gearheads offers all the typical planetary design solutions plus a whole lot more. With multiple designs offered in multiple quality and precision levels, we have a wider selection of gearhead models that can meet your specific inline or right angle configuration needs, at the most cost effective price.

Features & Benefits:
  • 3 Precision Levels – Whether for highly dynamic or simple motion profiles there is a solution that can achieve your performance and budget.
  • Multiple Backlash Levels – From 15 to below 1 arc minute, with options in between, there is a backlash level to satisfy your positioning needs.
  • Wide Range of Ratios – 8 single stage and up to 13 two stage ratios provide a range of options for inertia matching optimization.
  • Mounting Versatility – Many models have both round and square output mounting face options to optimize installation design.
  • Output Bearing Options – Many models are available with different output bearings to provide optimal radial load capacity.
  • Output Shaft Options – Models with either standard output shafts or rotary flanges provide load connection versatility.
Product Line Overview:

Premium Inline Series
The Ultimate In Performance

  • Backlash as low as 1 arc minute
  • 3 designs to choose from
  • Up to 7 sizes available
  • Capacity from 10-1700 Nm
  • Ratios from 3-100:1

Precision Series
For Demanding Applications

  • 3 levels of backlash
  • 3 design configurations
  • 7 frame sizes 42-220mm
  • Square or round mounting
  • Ratios from 3-100:1

Economy Series
The Lowest Cost Volume Solution

  • 4 frame sizes: 42-90mm
  • Ratios up to 729:1
  • Good backlash values
  • Reliable operating performance
  • Cost effective integration

Right Angle Series
For saving linear space

  • 3 models to choose from
  • 7 sizes from 42-200 mm
  • 3 backlash levels
  • Premium and precision designs
  • Ratios from 3:1 to 200:1

Rotary Flange Series
For Precise Positioning

  • Right angle and inline models
  • 3 levels of backlash
  • 7 frame sizes available
  • High radial and axial load capacity
  • ISO mounting dimensions
Sesame Servo Gearhead Catalog:

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Why Choose a Sesame Servo Gearhead?

Servo motors are used in a variety of machinery motion profiles to control position and speed. Regardless the accuracy required, or lack thereof, the same motor is often used.

The performance level of the gearhead, however, is an important consideration for achieving the desired goal at the most cost effective price. A different internal construction design can yield different results.

Sesame offers 4 performance levels with distinctive design characteristic options within each level. The wide range of available models allows the optimal product selection to achieve the desired performance, at the most value oriented price.

It’s this versatility in performance, design, mounting and price ranges that make the Sesame servo gearhead product line the ultimate resource for your specific requirements.

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