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Tandler – Series PE2 Single Planetary Shaft Phasing Gearboxes

The Tandler series PE2 Single Planetary speed correction gearbox is a single stage planetary gearbox used for inline shaft phasing or narrow range speed control. The unit is used as a 3:1 reducer or a 1:3 increaser, depending on which shaft is used as the input. This gearbox is available in 7 standard sizes.

  • Low backlash
  • Low transmission error
  • Continuous correction for narrow range speed control
  • Instantaneous correction for precise position control
  • Multiple correction rates available
  • Torque capacities from 20 – 2000Nm
  • 360 degree phasing capability

What’s Next?

Other Models Available

Why Choose a Tandler Speed Correction Gearbox?

Speed correction gearboxes allow changes in the angular position of the output shaft relative to the input shaft, and provide the capability to vary the output speed within a narrow range. Through the integration of a secondary input shaft, extremely precise positioning and speed control can be easily achieved.

Sample Industries

  • Construction
  • Automation/Mechatronics
  • Chemical
  • Custom Machinery
  • Material Handling
  • Packaging
  • Printing/Converting