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Speed Reducers

These provide torque multiplication and speed reduction for the operation of prime movers in industrial machinery. Some have integral motors while others are provided with adapters for motors to be added.

DieQua provides a wide range of designs, configurations and gear technologies to satisfy a variety of requirements. From simple motion to heavy duty applications, we have a speed reducer for you.

Helical Bevel

Helical Bevel Gearmotors & Speed Reducers provide high performance torque transmission from 100 Nm to 20,000 Nm.

Helical Worm

Helical Worm Gearmotors & Speed Reducers offer higher efficiency than worm-only reducers in sizes up to 10 HP.

Inline Helical

Inline Helical Gearmotors & Speed Reducers provide unmatched performance and durability for demanding industrial applications.

Parallel Shaft

Parallel Shaft Gearmotors & Speed Reducers have a short profile which can be shaft or base mounted.

Aluminum Worm

Aluminum worm gear speed reducers provide highly reliable operation in a light weight but strong die-cast housing with flexible motor input.

Aluminum Inline

Economical aluminum body helical speed reducer provides highly reliable power transmission for general purpose speed control applications.